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Worth Pointing Out

Important Information: Please take a moment to read through this, it could save you time and money.

Sound Advice

This is just a short note to safeguard you from booking these so called guaranteed pass courses including those that seem to good an offer to miss, mostly advertised in national papers. Remember to check for allany hidden extras or you will be paying a lot more than you.

Also check that the company you book with do the actual training. And don't sub contract you out to another school. This is common practise among the bigger national companies.

  • Check that they have only fully approved instructors.
  • Check that the assessment is actually carried out on the road.
  • How much driving do actually receive.
  • Make sure the price you are quoted is the actual prive you pay.

Highest Quality

We strive to offer a high quality learning environment for a competitive price, making it much more likely that trainees will pass their HGV/LGV or PSV driving test at the 1st attempt.