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HGV1 Artic

LGV Artic course

Candidates wishing to take the artic (C+E) course must hold a full rigid (C) licence. The training schedule and syllabus closely follow that described in the rigid course. Driving vehicles of this size requires a particularly high level of skill and a lot of emphasis is placed on forward planning and defensive driving techniques.

In addition to the items tested on the rigid course you will have to demonstrate your ability to couple and uncouple a trailer.

Our Training Deployment

All training consists of an intensive course with the Test on the last day. Training is generally undertaken with2 pupils to one instructor, Although we do also cover a ONE to ONE course by special arrangement.

The Assessment: keys

The assessment is set up to ascertain the length of course required, the average time scale is 5 days. Weekend and evening courses can be arranged.

Important Note

I am sure that you are aware that you must pass your class C (rigid) test before advancing to class C+E (artic). We also undertake training for C1 which is the 7.5 tonne vechile. We have now purchased an ambulance for training pupils that wish to be paramedics.

Highest Quality

We strive to offer a high quality learning environment for a competitive price, making it much more likely that trainees will pass their HGV/LGV or PSV driving test at the 1st attempt.